2015 Videos

Videos of the 2015 series, with thanks to LTV for videotaping and editing

Dedication of the Tom Twomey Gallery, April 18, 2015

Meeting Climate Change Challenges: A Coastal Community Perspective, April 25, 2015, Linda B. James, Daniel Bader, Bram Gunther, Gordian Raacke and Kimberly Shaw, hosted by Sheila Rogers.

The Interaction of Ticks and Our Immune System, May 2, 2015, Dr. George Dempsey, hosted by Sheila Rogers.

A Cabaret! Over There: Greatest Hits of the Great War, May 23, 2015, (clips from an earlier performance), Brett Kroeger, soprano, and Christopher Denny, pianist, hosted by Brooke Kroeger.

The Political Biographer, June 13, 2015, Blance Wiesen Cook and Richard Reeves, moderated by Chuck Hitchcock.

Saving Our Communities from Fiscal Crises. Richard Ravitch and Larry Cantwell, June 27, 2015, hosted by Maureen Egen.

From Natural Landscapes to Native Plants: A Passion for Nature at the New York Botanical Garden, June 20, 2015, Todd Forrest, hosted by Janet Ross.

The U.S. Congress: Is the Branch Still Broken? Former Rep. Tim Bishop, D-NY, July 11, 2015, hosted by Chuck Hitchcock.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About North Korea But Were Afraid to Ask, July 25, 2015, Robert Boynton, hosted by Jennifer Mulligan.

Update: “The Strangling of a Resort”, August 1, 2015, Paul Goldberger, interviewed by Chip Rae.

A Farewell to Sport, August 22, 2015, hosted by Patti Ferrin.

The Tom Twomey Lecure in Local History: In the Heart of Our Sea, September 19, 2015, Bruce Collins, hosted by Dennis Fabiszak.



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