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The State of Our Town


A Conversation with

Larry Cantwell, East Hampton Town Supervisor

Hosted by Chip Rae


Larry Cantwell will discuss perennial issues involving planning, zoning, the airport, the town’s financial health, water, and energy.  He will also address current projects related to coastal erosion, building a new municipal complex, replacing the East Hampton Senior Center, and the construction of a Southampton Hospital Emergency facility.


Larry Cantwell

After three decades as the East Hampton Village administrator, Larry Cantwell is now in the second year of his second and final term as East Hampton Town Supervisor.  A lifelong resident of East Hampton, Larry serves as the town’s chief operating and fiscal officer and has brought true leadership and consensus building back to town hall.


Real Estate Roundtable

REAL ESTATE roundtable

A Panel Discussion with

John Gicking, Compass

Diane Saatchi, Saunders & Associates

Peter Turino, Brown Harris Stevens

Moderated by Jim Oxnam, Brown Harris Stevens

Hosted by Rick Gilbert


Jim Oxnam will moderate a panel discussion comprised of three leading real estate brokers who will look back at the last 20 years and the explosion of home and land prices on the South Fork, look sideways at the health of the current market, and look forward to what the future is likely to bring. Each will then comment on what younger and older buyers want today, the booming market for tear downs in prime locations, and offer several helpful hints if you are thinking of listing your house for sale of rent.


John Gicking

John recently joined Compass following a 20+ year career at Sotheby’s International Realty.  As an agent, John ranked in the top 3% of all Sotheby’s agents nationwide.  John currently serves on the New York board of directors of buildOn, a non-profit that empowers youth through service and education to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations.  John worked in private banking and on Wall Street prior to moving full time to the East End in 1995.

Diane Saatchi

With 25 years experience in the South Fork market, Diane was a weekender who found her away into a real estate career. Now with her own team at Saunders and Associates, she has worked at both small (Devlin McNiff) and large (Corcoran) firms. Diane is a regular and insightful commentator on marketplace trends.


Peter Turino

As President of Brown Harris Stevens of the Hamptons, Peter oversees 7 offices and 150 brokers on the North and South Forks. With 25 years experience, he is involved with many of the largest transactions on the East End. He is past President of the Hamptons and North Fork Realtors Association and a recipient of their Realtor of the Year Award in 2001 and 2007.


From Big House to Bad House – How Authenticity Lost Its Way

From Big House to Bad House – How Authenticity lost its way

Anne Surchin, R.A.

Hosted by Chip Rae

Does size really matter when it comes to large house syndrome?  Architect Anne Surchin will talk about other overlooked factors that continue to delegitimize the acceptability of the large home as part of the built environment.


Anne Surchin

Anne is an East End architect specializing in new residences, renovations/additions,  historically correct restorations, and  preservation consulting. She has been practicing architect on the North and South Forks for over 30 years. Anne is Vice Chair of the Southold Landmark Preservation Commission, the co-author of two editions of  “Houses of the Hamptons 1880-1930” with Gary Lawrance, and  the architecture critic for the Southampton Press.

Saving Long Island’s Groundwater – Now is the Time!

Saving Long Island’s Groundwater – Now is the time!

Sarah Meyland

Hosted by Sara Davison

Co-spons0red by The Friends of Georgica Pond Foundation

Long Island’s groundwater is a hot topic these days, but do we really understand the how, why and where of it?  Our precious drinking water is highly threatened.  Learn about the current water quality issues and what can be done to manage this looming environmental challenge.


Sarah Meyland

Sarah is a water specialist with a background in groundwater protection, water resources management, and environmental law. She is currently an Associate Professor at New York Institute of Technology.  Sarah has worked in New York State government,  and was the Watershed Director for the Suffolk County Water Authority.  She sits on a variety of advisory committees at the state and local level and is the author of numerous articles on water related topics. Ms. Meyland holds Bachelors degrees in English, Geological Oceanography, and Marine Biology;  a Masters in Water Resources Management;  and a law degree.

Protecting Our Water Starts in Your Backyard

Protecting our water starts in your backyard

Edwina von Gal

Hosted by Sara Davison

Co-spons0red by The Friends of Georgica Pond Foundation

Toxic, synthetic lawn and landscape chemicals pollute our local waterways, endanger wildlife, and are linked to a range of serious health problems in humans and pets. It is a persistent myth that they are essential to a “perfect” lawn and landscape. In this informative lecture, landscape designer and Perfect Earth Project Founder/President Edwina von Gal will explain why and how to manage your beautiful lawn and garden without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and what the Perfect Earth Project is doing to make communities everywhere safe and PRFCT (managed without toxic chemicals).


Edwina von Gal

Principal of her eponymous landscape design firm since 1984, Edwina von Gal creates landscapes with a focus on simplicity and sustainability for private and public clients around the world. She has collaborated with architects such as Frank Gehry, Annabelle Selldorf, and Richard Meier, and her work has been published in many major publications. In 2013, Edwina founded the Perfect Earth Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising consciousness about the dangers of toxic lawn and garden chemicals for people, their pets, and the planet. Perfect Earth Project educates homeowners and professionals in nature-based landscape management techniques that provide beautiful, safe results at no extra cost.


Farm to Table

Farm to Table

A Discussion with

Sybille van Kempen, Loaves and Fishes Food Store

Jennifer Pike, Pike Farms

Hosted by Chip Rae

This conversation explores the symbiotic relationship between a premier prepared food take out store and a neighboring farm stand.  Knowing the source of your ingredients drives this close relationship between the the farmer (Jennifer), the cook (Sybille), and the ultimate consumer (us).  In addition, Sybille and Jennifer will discuss how they deal with the problem of food waste.


Sybille van Kempen

Sybille van Kempen is the chef and owner of the Loaves and Fishes Food Store in Sagaponack for over 35 years. Her late mother, Anna Pump, was her partner and driving force of inspiration leading to this successful and much loved foodie destination. She also owns the Loaves and Fishes Cookshop in Bridgehampton, the Bridgehampton Inn and Restaurant, and created the Loaves and Fishes Cooking School.


Jennifer Pike

A native of Pittsburgh, Jennifer moved to Long Island for a job after college , met her husband Jim, quit her job, got married, became a farmer, and 19 years later they run one of the South Fork’s most iconic farm stands on Main Street in Sagaponack.


The East End, Long Island, and 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage in New York State


THE EAST END, LONG ISLAND, and 100 YEARS OF Women’s Suffrage in New York State

Antonia Petrash


Arlene Hinkemeyer

The Annual Tom Twomey Lecture in Local History

Moderated by Judith Hope

Hosted by Brooke Kroeger





To celebrate the November 2017 one hundredth anniversary of the granting of the vote to the women of New York State, author Antonia Petrash will discuss  the suffrage movement on Long Island and Arlene Hinkemeyer will focus on the suffragists of the East End, including Mrs. Thomas L. (May Groot) Manson of Main Street, East Hampton. Her  John Singer Sargent portrait is at left. Check out our suffrage exhibition in the Tom Twomey Gallery and the multimedia work of the Library’s young adult team as they bring the local women’s suffrage story of a century ago to life.

This event is co-sponsored by the Misoprostol overnight without prescription Hamptons, the Town of East Hampton, and Hugh King, East Hampton Town Crier and Village Historian. 




Antonia Petrash

Antonia is author of Long Island and the Woman Suffrage Movement and president and founder of the Long Island Woman Suffrage Association, Inc.  The retired director of the Glen Cove Public Library, she is also the author of three other books about women’s history and continues to lecture and write about the woman suffrage movement at libraries, historical societies and schools.


Arlene Hinkemeyer

Arlene is an historian and a publicist who has worked for publishing companies in Chicago and New York, researching/writing history textbooks and has served as the historian of the Village of Plandome Heights, Manhasset, researching/writing that village history. She began researching the Suffragist leaders of the East End when members of the Hamptons League of Women Voters, dressed as suffragists, were preparing to march in East Hampton’s 350th anniversary parade in 1998.