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The Tom Twomey Lecture in Local History: Life on Mystery Island

The Tom twomey lecture in local history:

life on mystery island


Ed Faszczewski, Our Man on Plum Island

Hosted by Sheila Rogers

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.38.53 PM


EDWARD FASZCZEWSKI  In the late 1950s at the age of 12, Ed Faszczewski moved with his family to Plum Island, where his father was a lab supervisor at the animal disease research center. They were among the first civilian families to live on the government-owned island, located east of Orient Point. Join us for this fascinating first-person account. of life on mysterious Plum Island.





Frontiers in Stem Cell Research


Susan L. Solomon

CEO and Founder, The New York Stem Cell Foundation

Hosted by Sheila Rogers

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Susan L. Solomon founded The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) in 2005 to accelerate cures for the major diseases of our time using stem cell research. Over the last decade, NYSCF has been the catalyst for essential, cutting-edge stem cell research, which offers the greatest hope for medical advances we have ever known. To date, NYSCF’s research has been named the #1 medical breakthrough of the year by Science and twice by TIME magazine. NYSCF has set the agenda for innovative scientific research, and has enabled some of the most important discoveries in the field, bringing us closer to the better treatments and cures we seek for a range of diseases.


SUSAN L. SOLOMON, co-founder and CEO of The New York Stem Cell Foundation, is a longtime health care advocate, entrepreneur and lawyer. She received a New York Women of Excellent Award from the governor of New York in 2008 and a 2015 Living Landmark Honoree for establishing NYSCF.

The Pond Scourge


Prof. Christopher J. Gobler, The Gobler Lab, Stony Brook University

Hosted by Sara Davison

Professor Gobler takes us through the causes and effects of algal bloom (more commonly known as pond scum) and how to address its proliferation and impact. In partnership with the Friends of Georgica Pond Foundation and the East Hampton Town Trustees, Dr. Gobler and his team at the Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences are engaged in a research project to investigate and remediate the degradation of the pond’s eco-system.

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PROF. CHIRSTOPHER J. GOBLER directs the Gobler Lab of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University, where scientists conduct research in plankton ecology with special interest in the factors that promote the growth of organic and inorganic nutrients. The lab also focuses on harmful algal blooms as they manifest both locally and nationally.

Lessons from Katrina

LessoNS FROM KATRINA: Preparing for the next big one here


Hosted by Chip Rae

Scott Cowen, as president emeritus of Tulane University and a longtime East Hampton resident, takes us through the crisis in New Orleans a decade ago and what we can learn from that tragedy that can be applied locally.

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SCOTT COWEN retired as  Tulane University’s 14th president in 2014 and was subsequently named Distinguished University Professor . During his tenure,Time named him one of the nation’s ten best college presidents. He led the university to a remarkable recovery after Hurricane Katrina flooded 70 percent of Tulane’s uptown campus.



MIKE TRACEY is the East Hampton Village Police Captain and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator is a thirty-two year member of the East Hampton Village Police Department, where he currently serves as Executive Officer.  He drafted the village’s Emergency Operations plan.

“Hampturbia” in the Age of Escalade Entitlement

“HAMPTURBIA in the Age of escalade entitlement”


Hosted by Chip Rae

Noted Bridgehampton-based architect and columnist Preston T. Phillips takes us on a tour of the world he has dubbed “Hampturbia,” which he defines as the evolution of the bucolic East End into “one homogeneous and overcrowded enclave of suburban sameness and exclusivity.”

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PRESTON T. PHILLIPS is a noted local architect who from his Bridgehampton base has designed residential projects from the Hamptons to Palm Beach and Naples, Florida, to townhouses in New York City along with significant retail projects.Connoisseur magazine has called him “a man of his time.” House & Garden lauded the “resonant definition to an open space” he gave to a Manhattan loft. The Hamptons described him as a “visionary young architect.” His work has been featured in Southern Accents, Interior Design, Elle Decor, Dwell and Architectural Digest among other publications.

The Cost of Health Care

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Hosted by Brooke Kroeger

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An authoritative discussion of the $3 trillion enterprise that is the U.S. health care system, the largest in the developed world, and yet one beset by problems of access, quality and unsustainable costs. Led by a noted New York Times correspondent (and M.D.) and the head of Southampton Hospital. 


ELISABETH L. ROSENTHAL, M.D. is an award-winning New York Times senior writer who trained at Harvard and what is now NY-Presbyterian Hospital as a medical doctor. Her two-year-long series for the Times on health care costs,buy cheap generic Misoprostol online canada pharmacy no prescription inspired her current book project, to be published in 2017. Beats she has covered for the Times include health care, international environment, and a six-year stint as a foreign correspondent based in China. She received her bachelor’s degree from Stanford and also holds an M.A.  in English literature from Cambridge University, where she was a Marshall Scholar. 


ROBERT S. CHALONER has been president and CEO of Southampton Hospital since 2006, where he is actively engaged in stabilizing and rebuilding the hospital’s financial and operating performance, as well as reestablishing the hospital’s community reputation. In his current role, he chairs the CEO Council for the East End Health Alliance and is Co-Chair of the eHealth of Long Island Regional health Information Organization.  He is a graduate of Dartmouth with an M.S. and M.P.H from Columbia University and an M.B.A. from New York University. 

Campaign Theatrics 2016!



Hosted by Brooke Kroeger

Who better prepared than Patrick Healy, who is at home on the theater and campaign beats for the New York Times, to give us an insider’s look at the absolute theater that is the 2016 Presidential election campaign?

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PATRICK HEALYbuy discounted Misoprostol onlineis a New York Times reporter now covering the 2016 Presidential election campaign–his fourth. Previous assignments include Afghanistan, Iraq, and his groundbreaking coverage of  Broadway theater through the lens of culture and business.

Live Music! Harps, Harmonicas and Heavy Breathers



Hosted by Brooke Kroeger

  • Harps, Harmonicas and Heavy Breathers by Kim Field

From a cheap, portable, and rudimentary folk instrument playable by anyone who could breathe, the harmonica has become the world’s most popular instrument and has found a place in all forms of music, including on the concert stage. Authors/performers Kim Field and Randy Weinstein take you on a guided tour of the instrument’s history and the music of its greatest performers–including several virtuoso locals–with live musical demonstrations all along the way.


KIM FIELDbuy Misoprostol indiais the author of Harmonicas, Harps and Heavy Breathers: The Evolution of the People’s Instrument, the premier book on the instrument’s history. He is also an accomplished performer, having shared stages with Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, James Cotton, Walter Horton, and other blues luminaries.


RANDY WEINSTEIN  is the co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Harmonica, one of the most popular harmonica instructional guides currently available. Randy has performed and recorded with jazz vocalist Karrin Allyson and the popular Americana/World Music confab Hazmat Modine.