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Dedication / The Tom Twomey Gallery and Local History Gift

FULL HOUSE! RSVPS for for this event have been closed.

Dedication / The Tom Twomey Gallery and Local History Gift AND LAUNCH OF VOLUME VI OF THE EAST HAMPTON HISTORY SERIES

GINA PIASTUCK, Head of the East Hampton Library Long Island Collection

Hosted by Ann Chapman

  • LAUNCHING NOW: Volume VI: Revealing the Past

buy discounted Misoprostol onlineDedication of the Library Gallery adjacent to the Baldwin Family Lecture Room in memory of buy Misoprostol india, Library Board member and leader, and the local history collection he bequeathed to the Library’s Long Island Collection. This is also the launch Vol. VI of the East Hampton history collection, edited by Tom, entitled Revealing the Past: The Historical Works Regarding East Hampton, New York of Norton Daniels, Sherrill Foster, Mac Griswold, and Hugh King. The event will include a brief talk about exciting recent acquisitions of the Long Island Collection, by its head librarian, GINA PIASTUCK.